The Mahmoud S Taman Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting peace, interfaith, and civic causes through its Islamic studies scholarships for students in North America and by providing grants to initiatives in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin and around the world.

Dr. Mahmoud S Taman was a co-founder of the Islamic Society of Northern Wisconsin. He was also an interfaith and civil society advocate who lived and worked in the Chippewa Valley as a psychiatrist for four decades after immigrating from Egypt.
The Mahmoud S Taman Foundation functions as  a sadaqa jariya, a continually serving charity. Dr. Taman hoped that the Foundation would serve his community after his death in 2016 as a ceaseless charity in accordance with the hadith of Prophet Muhammad; “When a person dies, all their deeds end, except three: sadaqa jariya (a continuing charity), beneficial knowledge, and a child who prays for them.”

Please visit the Mahmoud S Taman Foundation website http://mstamanfoundation.org/ for more information.