Islamic Studies Scholarships

The Islamic Society of Northern Wisconsin – Mahmoud Taman Trust (ISNW-MTT) has scholarships available for students of Islamic Studies. 
The Mahmoud Taman Trust (ISNW-MTT) is a not-for profit fund operated by the Committee on Charitable Giving of the Islamic Society of Northern Wisconsin. For 2014 the Trust intends to provide several $1000 scholarships.
To encourage and provide assistance to students pursuing Islamic studies who intend to pursue careers as teachers of Islam, leaders, religious practitioners such as Imams, or chaplains, and who are committed to leadership and Islam and who are intentioned to serve Islam in several ways:
  • Students can be studying to become an Imam or a Muslim cleric.
  • Students may be pursuing a field with the intent to serve as a Muslim chaplain.
  • Students may be pursuing an academic, scholarly or research career in Islamic studies, Islamic theology, history, or related fields such as religious studies and comparative religions.
  • Students may be pursuing a career with the intent to provide support services such as counseling to Muslim communities. 
  • Other areas of expertise in an Islamic are also considered.
  • Muslims who are undergraduate or graduate students;
  • Attending college in the current academic year at a North American institution at the graduate or undergraduate levels
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale;
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, religious service, extracurricular or other activities.
To apply, applicant must submit:
  • A completed applications (see farther down for details)
  • A short statement explaining the academic and professional goals and as to why he or she merits the scholarship
  • Two letters of recommendation; preferably, one from a professor and one from a religious leader.
  • Academic transcripts (can be an official transcript issued to the student)
  • Resume
  • Additional supporting material such as articles, videos, and publications.
Applications will be accepted by email only, scanned documents are acceptable.  Please do not send large files. Send to:

The time period for applications is through October 15th, 2019.

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