Muslim Essentials Session 2 – Discussion points for June 1st


Meeting will start at 2PM with the Dhuhr(afternoon) prayer and will end around 5PM followed by Asr(evening) prayer

1. Review Session 1 – Shahaada, 3 questions in the grave, Allah, Prophets, Books, Tawheed, Sunnah, Hadith of Jibreel.

2. Angels, Jinn, Unseen

3. Day of Judgement and Hereafter

4. Wudhu’ – Purification

5. Salaah – Prayer

6. Zakat – Obligatory Charity

7. Sawm – Fasting

We will try to complete the above in our next session insha’Allah. We might fall behind depending on how fast we move and we can save it for the following session.