Mar 5, 2020

Corona Virus update from experts

There is a lot of concern about spread of corona virus in United States.  Our community also has many questions.  We are pleased to announce that we will be able to get answers to our questions on Friday, March 13th.
Dr. Muhanad Mohamed MD will be presenting information about Corona virus on March 13th from 1:15 pm to 1:35 pm, before Friday prayer.  He will also answer questions from community members in a session right after Friday prayer on the same day. Dr. Mohamed is an expert in infectious diseases and is currently practicing at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Some helpful links for more information on corona virus,
Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

Email the Expert
What: Corona virus update for community
Where: Altoona Masjid
When: Friday 3/13/2020 from 1:15 pm to 1:35 pm with question answer session at 2pm.


Reminder that potluck will be Saturday March 7th.  Please bring a dish if you can.  Also make sure all meat is Zabihah Halal only.

What: Potluck
Where: Altoona Masjid
When: 3/7/2020 from 6-8 pm

Financial update

In an effort towards ongoing transparency we are sharing our yearly financial update with our community.
Total Expenses year 2019: $38030.9
Total donations collected year 2019: $53028.72

All praise is for Allah Almighty(الحمد للہ).  A big thank you to our kind donors for their generous contributions.

Moon sighting survey results

Moon sighting controversy last year lead to survey of the community member’s opinions.  We received a total of 57 votes. 32 community members wanted calculation method to be used for determining start of the lunar calendar.  This was the majority opinion (56%) and the board has changed its practice based on the result.
What: Masjid will use calculation method for lunar calendar decisions

International Folk Festival

The center for International Education’s International Folk Fair – CultureFest is bringing the community together in celebration of culture again this year on April 19th from 12 pm to 4 pm.  Our community will participate this year and we request that all those interested please contact brother Abubakr.  Let us make this event a success!
What: CultureFest
Where: UW Eau Claire
When: April 19th

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