Jan 26, 2021

It’s time to Reopen Responsibly.

Dear community members,

We are planning to resume Jummah prayer starting Friday January 29th 2021. This is the final reminder to register, please do so by Thursday January 28th 2021 at 5:00pm.

The prayer will be offered starting at 1:15 pm and ending at 1:30 pm sharp (Note updated time).

We took this step after considering logistic factors. We continue to monitor the situation closely to amend the steps of reopening, as needed.

We have formulated standard operating procedures that we hope will minimize the risk to the community members.  

If you wish to participate please click the button below to submit your information. We will then contact you via separate means for details.

Sign up for Friday prayer
The hall of the mosque and the lower level have been re-arranged to allow the congregants to pray while maintaining a safe distance from each other as recommended. There are some slots available for sisters who wanted to attend, however as a reminder Jummah is only mandatory for men mainly in these challenging times (Covid pandemic and security threats). A volunteer will be at the main entrance to direct traffic based on slots available. Once the first floor is full, traffic will be directed to the lower level. Please follow the instructions of that designated person.

The bathrooms will remain closed in the mosque.
We will limit the Friday prayer to essential components of the ritual.

The procedure we hope to follow is as following,

  • Friday congregational prayer will be offered starting at 1:15 pm and ending at 1:30 pm sharp (Note updated time)
  • Friday sermon will be very brief
  • Congregants are asked to pray sunnah at home
  • Bring your own prayer rug
  • Place your prayer rug at the marked areas on the carpet.
  • Once all marked areas fill up the hall entrance will be closed.  Please DO NOT ENTER if the hall entrance is closed.
  • Please perform ablution/Wudu at home. Bathrooms are strictly off limits (CLOSED).
  • Please bring face masks and wear them at all times covering your nose and mouth at all times.
  • If you are sick please do not come to the Mosque.
  • Please no children allowed.
  • Do not bring guests, and do not come if you have not signed up.
  • We request that elderly congregants and those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, COPD etc. continue to pray at home and not come to the mosque for general congregation.
  • Please remember to bring your masks otherwise you will be buy one at the Masjid for $5.
  • After prayer please leave quickly and do not socialize in the hallway or other areas of the mosque.
  • It is our collective responsibility to maintain a physical distance from each other at all times including before, during and after prayer.

If you are not contacted for this Friday please be patient as we continue to work on accommodating more congregants in phases. 

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