Description of Eid Prayer and the Sunnahs of the Day of Eid

The following is how the Eid prayer will be performed tomorrow

  1. The Eid prayer is 2 units(rak’at) followed by a Khutbah (sermon)
  2. It starts with the first takbeer (raising hands to ear and then folding them with each AllahuAkbar)
  3. Then there will be 7 takbeers (as described in #2), these are besides the Takbeerat alIhram(takbeer to start the prayer). The takbeer (AllahuAkbar) should not be repeated out loud by the congregation, but only said out loud by the Imam/Prayer leader.
  4. Then the rest will follow the usual prayer as usual until the second unit begins – Fatihah, a Surah, ruku(bowing) then 2 sujoods (prostrations)
  5. After coming up from the last prostration of the first rakat (unit) there will follow it 5 takbeers (as described in #2)
  6. And then the rest of the prayer will follow and the prayer then ends followed by a short Eid Khutbah (sermon)

Some Sunnahs (Recommended actions) of Eid:

  1. To perform ghusl (ritual bath) before going to the prayer.
  2. To eat an odd number of dates before leaving one’s house for the prayer.
  3. for men and women to wear their best clothes for the ‘Eid prayer not necessarily new, that adheres to proper Islamic ettiquette
  4. To go out to prayer by one route and to return by another.
  5. To perform the takbeer starting from the Maghrib prayer prior to the prayer until the prayer.