Dec 29, 2020

We are very delighted to report that the following members of the community have very kindly agreed to serve on the ISNW board in effect from 1-1-2021.

Brother Dr. Alboury Sow, President Elect
Brother Dr. Mohamed Muhanad, Treasurer Elect
Brother Sadith Osseni, Secretary Elect
Brother Dr. Shoaib Naseem, Immediate past president

Position of the vice president is vacant, and open for nominations. The board elect has expressed their desire to invite our sisters from the community to nominate themselves or others for this position. We, the current board also agree that a sister on the board in the capacity of vice president will be a very welcome addition. The duties of the vice president as outlined by the by-laws of the ISNW include but are not limited to:

  • Be in charge of the annual assembly meetings.
  • Assist the president in accomplishing the objectives of the society.
  • Temporarily assume the function of the president when requested as such by the president, or if the president is incapacitated or has resigned.

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