Dec 23, 2020


It’s time to reopen, partially

We have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and are in contact with experts to determine a safe window to start limited gathering for Friday prayer in the Altoona Masjid.

Unfortunately it is not safe to do so, yet.

However, we are starting a staged opening of the mosque for daily prayers.

Altoona Masjid is now open for daily ishaa prayers.

For the daily ishaa prayer same guidelines apply:

  • Everyone in the mosque has to wear a mask at all times covering the mouth and nose at all times (our chins are considered immune to coronavirus so don’t wear the mask on the chin)
  • Not wearing a mask is not an option.
  • Please remember to bring your prayer rug with you.
  • Please come at the appointed time and leave as soon as you are done with prayers.
  • Please perform ablutions (wudu) at home.

Donation Receipts

If you made donations to the mosque through a check or online portal, this year, we will be sending out tax receipts in January 2021, In-shaa-Allah.


Financial update

Alhamdulillah our close-knit community has continued to generously support the Altoona Masjid through these difficult times. We also disbursed donations by the community members to support families in need. Details can be furnished on these and other monetary matters on request. Please contact any board member.
We would also like to extend our note of gratitude to our brothers and sisters who have donated generously to support ISNW.


Get vaccinated

Please consider getting the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to you and family.


Sunday School

As you are aware the Sunday School has been closed since the pandemic started. Now that there is light at the end of the covid tunnel we are planning to restart the sunday school in future In-shaa-Allah. We are inviting suggestions and volunteers for this noble cause to preserve the future of our children and their Emaan.


Executive Board election

We had earlier asked for nominations to the Executive board of ISNW. Please consider nominating yourself to partake in this noble work to help the Altoona Masjid. If you are interested please contact any of the board members. Average time commitment for this job is 45 minutes per week per board member. The current board will not be able to continue beyond the end of their term due to various personal reasons and commitments.

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