Islamic Society of Northern Wisconsin (ISNW) Altoona Masjid 527 2nd St, Altoona, WI 52773 (715) 831-1560

Prayer Times

Please join us for Jummu’ah Prayers year round at 1:15PM.

Prayer Time Tables

Ramadan 1435/2014 Prayer Time Table:  Altoona Masjid Prayer Times Ramadan 1435/2014

Maghrib and Isha congregation will be formed at the times mentioned above in the calendar.

A Note on Prayer times: Prayer time calculations are not the most reliable method of determining the exact time when a prayer starts or ends. This is specially true for the Fajr and Isha prayers in more northern latitudes such as Eau Claire, WI. They are meant to give you a best estimate of when a prayer starts, and should not be considered an exact substitute for visual determination of prayer timings. The timings of Fajr and Isha can have variations from one calculation to the next and can be over 30 minutes in certain times of the year and certain locations. The above timings are based on Muslim World League’s calculation for all prayers except Isha which is based on the sun being 15 degrees below the horizon. The sun being 18 degrees below horizon is the safest when it comes to the timings of Fajr and Isha that ensures the validity of the fast and Isha prayer. Please consult with an Islamic scholar whom you trust to determine what you should follow. Also Hijri dates mentioned here are estimations based on astronomical calculations, traditionally these are determined by sighting of the new moon to start each month of the Islamic calendar.