May 3, 2019

Welcome the Holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan Announcements

The Holy month of Ramadan is around the corner and excitement is in every Muslim and Muslimah’s heart.  We ask Allah to given us all the opportunity to reap the most benefits from this Holy month and beyond. Ameen!

The Nitty Gritty

Here is the brief rundown:

  • Pre-ramadan discussion, tonight after maghribabout preparing for ramadan; do’s and dont’s, should and shouldn’t and an accompanying discussion about use of phone apps for prayer timings and its potential pitfalls
  • Start of ramadan will be announced on WhatsApp, Facebookand Twitter
  • Salat-Taraweeh with Ishaa Iqamah starting at 10:10 PM on Sunday May 5th
  • We will post weekly schedule on the board and also our WhatsApp account
  • Hafidh Bukhari will lead the three prayers Fajr, Maghrib, Ishaaand all community members are encouraged to join
  • For security reasons, Masjid doors will remain locked DURING Taraweeh
  • Contact a board member for volunteering for saturday Potluck

Stay Tuned for More!

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