Eid Mubarak

ISNW Altoona Masjid wishes the community a Happy Eid - Eid Mubarak TaqabbalAllah minna wa minkum May Allah accept from me and you!

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Eid Prayer time and location

Eid Prayer followed by community breakfast: Eid prayer will be at the Masjid (527 2nd St. West, Altoona, WI 54720) on Monday  July 28th at 7:30 AM at the Masjid will be lead by Imam Tamer AbdelAziz, Takbeerat will start at 7:15 AM Please bring any breakfast foods to join the community in a breakfast after Salaah to celebrate & …

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Description of Eid prayer and it's Sunnahs

The following is how the Eid prayer will be performed tomorrow

• The Eid prayer is 2 units(rak’at) followed by a Khutbah (sermon)

• It starts with the first takbeer (raising hands to ear and then folding them with each AllahuAkbar)

• Then there will be 7 takbeers (as described in #2), these are besides the Takbeerat alIhram(takbeer to start the prayer). The takbeer (AllahuAkbar) should not be repeated out loud by the congregation, but only said out loud by the Imam/Prayer leader.

• Then the rest will follow the usual prayer as usual until the second unit begins – Fatihah, a Surah, ruku(bowing) then 2 sujoods (prostrations)

• After coming up from the last prostration of the first rakat (unit) there will follow it 5 takbeers (as described in #2)

• And then the rest of the prayer will follow and the prayer then ends followed by a short Eid Khutbah (sermon)

Some Sunnahs (Recommended actions) of Eid:

• To perform ghusl (ritual bath) before going to the prayer.

• To eat an odd number of dates before leaving one’s house for the prayer.

• for men and women to wear their best clothes for the ‘Eid prayer not necessarily new, that adheres to proper Islamic ettiquette

• To go out to prayer by one route and to return by another.

• To perform the takbeer starting from the Maghrib prayer prior to the prayer until the prayer.


Eid Party and Celebration

When: Sunday, August 3rd @ 2PM Where: Lake Altoona Park - same as last year. 604 Beach Rd Altoona, WI 54720 List of items requested to bring for the Eid Party: Altoona Masjid Eid Party Items To Bring Sign up for what you would like to bring for the cookout by filling the information below:

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