Altoona Masjid

Bismillah arRahman arRaheem
In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

asSalaam'alaykum wa Rahmatullah
May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you

 Ramadan Special Edition Newsletter
Ramadan 26, 1435 / July 23rd, 2014

1. Prayers for the Oppressed and Suffering (ashShaam(AlAqsa/Palestine/Gaza/,Syria), Burma, Afghan, CAR)
2. Zakaat al Fitr: Due before Eid
3. Annual Masjid Expense Report and Fundraising
4. Ramadan Prayer Times, Taraweeh, and Qur'an Completion
5. Event: The Qur'an & It's Revelation with Imam Tamer AbdelAziz
6. Eid Prayer and Community Celebration
7. Community sponsored iftars and potlucks
8. Educational Opportunities and Masjid Community Meeting


Prayers for Oppressed and Suffering

The masjid is requesting everyone to make supplications for all the Muslims in the world that are being suppressed, specially in these last 10 night of Ramadan for the people of Shaam (Masjid AlAqsa, Gaza/Palestine, Syria), Burma, Central African Republic, Afganistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kashmir).

You can make the Dua the Prophet (SAW) made when his companions were killed unjustly in any Salaah, the masjid will be doing this for the Fajr prayer congregation at 4AM.

The way this is prayed is by doing two units(rakat) of prayer and then in the second unit of prayer, after performing the bowing (rukoo) you come back up and make the supplication by reciting the Qunoot al-Naazilah (More about when the Prophet did this can be read by clicking here).

The Qunoot anNazila can be heard and read on YouTube by clicking here

If you would like to donate to help our family in that part of the world then you can donate your Zakaat alMal (Charity that is due on savings/excess wealth) or Zakaat alFitr (Charity for Eid alFitr) thorugh Islamic Relief.


Zakaat alFitr (Charity of End of Fasting)

Please remember to pay Zakaat alFitr before Eid if you are not personally handing food items to those poor or needy. The masjid takes this responsibility on themselves to distribute this money to those who are poor or needy in the community prior to Eid. This can be dropped off in the box entitled Zakaat alFitr in the masjid.

Zakaat alFitr is $10 for every person you are in charge of as the head of the household. For example: If your family consists of yourself, your wife, and 3 kids then that is 5 people which equals $50 (5 X $10 =$50). If you don't have any dependents then you pay for yourself ($10) and if you are a dependent of someone then you do not have to pay the Zakaat alFitr.


Annual Masjid Expenses 2014 and Fundraising

The masjid thanks everyone for their donations and their pledges. Fundraising is still ongoing for the Annual expenses. Our goal this year is about $33000 and we have met about 50% of it. If you made a pledge or filled a pledge card please drop it by at the masjid donation boxes.

To view the Expense report for last year you can go to this link: Annual Expenses 2014


Prayer Times for Ramadan, Taraweeh, and Qur'an Completion

Prayer Time Table for Altoona Masjid for Ramadan can be viewed and downloaded here: Prayer Time Table Ramadan 1435H/2014

Prayer times for other months are usually posted on this page: Prayer Times

Taraweeh is currently immediately following Isha at 10:35PM. It will be lead by Hafidh Saad Haque. We will be completing the recitation of the entire Qur'an on Thursday July 25th during Taraweeh. It will be a short Taraweeh prayer after which will follow a short program with dua/supplications by Hafidh Saad Haque.

Starting on Friday July 25th Isha will be held at 10:30 PM followed by Taraweeh until the end of Ramadan by Imam Tamer AbdelAziz.

Pack and Play and bouncy chair available at masjid for those who wish to pray and need to bring young children.


The Qur'an & it's Revelation

Imam Tamer AbdelAziz will be joining us starting on Friday July 25th and will be staying with us until Monday July 28th to lead Eid Salah insha'Allah. He will be delivering the following class on Saturday July 26th after the Community Iftar potluck, everyone is requested to come.


Community Iftars

Following are dates already reserved for the Community sponsored Iftars and potlucks, time will be at Maghrib (~8:45PM):

Friday July 25th: Sponsored by Seydou & Stacey: Food from Holyland Restaurant of Minneapolis at the Clubhouse in Lake Altoona County Park (Click this for details) - Maghrib will be prayed at the clubhouse

Click here for Lake Altoona Park - Clubhouse - Location on Google Maps

Saturday, July 26th: Community Potluck Iftar at Altoona Masjid (followed by talk on The Qur'an & it's Revelation by Imam Tamer @ 10PM)

 If you wish to sponsor an Iftar at the Masjid please let Dr. Taman or Ashley know or email


Eid Prayer and Celebration

Eid Prayer followed by community breakfast: Eid prayer on 7/28 at 7:30 AM at the Masjid will be lead by Imam Tamer AbdelAziz.

Please bring any breakfast foods to join the community in a breakfast after Salaah to celebrate & socialize.

Eid Party: Sunday, August 3rd at Altoona Lake from 2PM as a Picnic  at Lake Altoona Park (604 Beach St. Altoona, WI 54720), same as last year for fun with families & kids.
We will have a sign up sheet for members to bring items for the cook out both online & at Masjid.

List of items requested to bring for the Eid Party: Altoona Masjid Eid Party Items To Bring

To Sign up for items online please click here


Educational Opportunities and Masjid Community Meeting

Teen Girls Halaqa: Currently on hold, as Ashley is currently out of town.

Muslim Essentials Class: What Every Muslim Needs to know before they meet Allah
Time: Dhuhr (2PM) to ~5PM
Sunday June 29th: Understanding the Shahada, Article of Iman, and Intro to Pillars of Islam
Sunday July 13th: Purification, Prayer, Charity
Sunday July 27th: Fasting, Hajj, Spirituality, Death, and the Day of Judgement

Masjid Planning & Board Meeting: Sunday, August 24th, 2014 at 6:30 PM: For anyone interested in the future of the masjid and how to improve running the masjid. If you are interested in serving on the masjid board for next year please email:


For absolutely any concerns feel free to contact the masjid at or message our Official Facebook page at